Getting A Juvenile Criminal Record Expunged

Getting A Juvenile Criminal Record Expunged

23 April 2018
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Peer pressure is one of the most common reasons why teenagers break rules and get into trouble. There are some teens that are willing to commit crimes that lands them behind bars in an effort to fit it with their peers and gain popularity. Although it is common for a teens criminal record to be excused after he or she reaches adulthood, some crimes leads to the records remaining in the system. If you made a big criminal mistake as a teen and now want to clear your record because it is interfering with you life, consider going through the expungement process. After reading through the information below, you will know more about getting your juvenile criminal record expunged.

Are Expunged Records Completely Private?

One thing that you must know is that your criminal records will not be completely private if you are able to get them expunged. Basically, your records will be sealed up and considered expunged in the eyes of the law. However, if there is ever a good reason for a legal official to unseal the records, such as if you commit a major crime, it is possible to be done. You should also not expect the public to lose the ability to view anything about your criminal past that was posted online. Criminal activity might still show up if your name is typed in search engines and on social media websites.

Who is Eligible for Criminal Records to Be Expunged?

Whether or not you will have the ability to get your juvenile criminal records expunged depends on several things. For example, the severity of the crimes that were committed is the main thing that will be considered by a judge. If you committed any violent crimes, it is not likely that your records will be expunged, even if you were a juvenile at the time. The expungement laws in the state that you reside in plays a role in whether or not it will be possible as well. Some states have limitations in regards to the extent of expungement that can be done.

Should an Attorney Be Hired for Expungement?

It is important to hire an attorney if you want to move forward with getting your criminal records expunged. Any attorney will take care of the paperwork, and can speak on your behalf in front of a judge. He or she can explain to the judge why what you did as a juvenile doesn't define the adult that you have become to be.  An attorney has the skills and legal knowledge to increase the chance of the expungement process being successful.

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