How An Attorney May Try To Mitigate Your Drug Charge

How An Attorney May Try To Mitigate Your Drug Charge

12 January 2023
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If you were arrested and charged with a drug offense, a drug-related crimes attorney may be your best advocate. These attorneys are in the business of representing clients whose charges range from being in possession of a controlled substance to drug trafficking. The lawyer you hire may try to reduce the consequences that come with a drug charge in the following ways.

Prove Your Innocence

If you know that you didn't commit the crime, your drug-related crimes attorney will try to prove your innocence. This legal representative will put forth the effort to collect as much evidence as possible to show that you're not guilty of the crime. Your attorney may also be able to uncover new evidence and find weaknesses in the prosecution's case when information is exchanged during the discovery process.  

Reduce Your Charges

Your lawyer may be able to have your charges reduced if a criminal conviction seems inevitable. The lawyer may be able to reach a plea agreement with the prosecution that reduces a charge to a lesser offense, which can shorten any jail time or lower fines that you could face. By having your charges reduced, you may avoid any additional jail time altogether if you're able to be placed on probation or do community service instead because of a lesser offense. 

Prevent You from Making Incriminating Statements

Police officers and other authority figures may try to force you to make statements that incriminate you during an interrogation process. Your drug-related crimes attorney can advise you on what to say and what you should refrain from saying so that any statements that you give won't be used against you in court. Efforts will also be made to safeguard your Fifth Amendment right, which is in place to protect you against self-incrimination.  

Appeal a Guilty Verdict

If the judge or jury renders a guilty verdict against you, your attorney may be able to appeal the case so that you will have another day in court. If an appeal is granted, your lawyer will work hard to gather more evidence that works in your favor. The attorney you hire might even be able to have your case dismissed and your charges dropped entirely if a technicality or other mismanagements of your initial trial can be proven when the case is being appealed.

A drug-related crimes attorney will do everything possible to minimize the impact that a drug charge has on your life. You can contact a lawyer who handles drug crime cases to learn more about your legal options and how this legal representative can best assist you.

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