Things to Know When Facing Drug Charges

Things to Know When Facing Drug Charges

12 March 2018
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If a person is caught in possession of illegal drugs, they could face serious punishment. Given the severity of these criminal charges, individuals that are facing this situation will need to be informed and prepared to defend their rights. For individuals that have never faced this type of charge in the past, there are several key points that should be kept in mind throughout this process.

Repeat Offenses May Be Treated More Harshly

Individuals that have a history of drug-related offenses may find that they are treated far more harshly by the court. This can result in higher fines, longer sentences and a host of other serious consequences. Due to this reality, individuals that have been convicted of this type of offense in the past should be extremely careful to avoid putting themselves in a situation where they could face this type of criminal charge again.

Ongoing Monitored Drug Testing May Be Required

As part of the punishment, individuals that are convicted of this type of crime may be required to undergo regular drug and alcohol testing. These tests are often a part of a probation or plea agreement. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that will not take these tests as seriously as they should. If it is determined that you have failed one of these tests, the terms of your probation or plea agreement may be voided. This can result in you being immediately sent back to jail for the duration of the sentence. For individuals that are addicted to these substances, ti may be possible to enroll in a court-appointed rehabilitation program that will provide the support needed to help break this destructive addiction.

An Attorney Should Be Retained As Soon As Possible

Whenever a person is facing a serious drug charge, they should take steps to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Being adequately represented throughout this process may greatly increase your chances of minimizing the punishment that can be expected. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that will assume that there is little that an attorney can do to help them as a result of being caught in direct possession of these drugs. Yet, your attorney can provide support through a range of options and strategies. If you are unable to afford the services of an experienced attorney, it may be possible to have the court appoint a representative for you. However, there will be strict income requirements that must be followed to qualify for this type of representation.

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