Getting A Juvenile Criminal Record Expunged

23 April 2018
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Peer pressure is one of the most common reasons why teenagers break rules and get into trouble. There are some teens that are willing to commit crimes that lands them behind bars in an effort to fit it with their peers and gain popularity. Although it is common for a teens criminal record to be excused after he or she reaches adulthood, some crimes leads to the records remaining in the system. Read More …

Things to Know When Facing Drug Charges

12 March 2018
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If a person is caught in possession of illegal drugs, they could face serious punishment. Given the severity of these criminal charges, individuals that are facing this situation will need to be informed and prepared to defend their rights. For individuals that have never faced this type of charge in the past, there are several key points that should be kept in mind throughout this process. Repeat Offenses May Be Treated More Harshly Read More …

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