Why People Plead Guilty To DUI

Why People Plead Guilty To DUI

27 June 2019
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You have probably heard people plead guilty to driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges and wondered why they didn't fight the charges. Well, there are several reasons one would plead guilty to a DWI; here are some of those reasons.

To Mitigate Their Sentences

Many people plead guilty to DWI charges so that they can enjoy reduced charges and sentencing. This is possible through a process known as plea bargaining, where a criminal suspect pleads guilty and gets a reduced sentence. For example, your aggravated DWI might be downgraded to a misdemeanor if you accept a plea deal.

A plea bargain is a win-win for both the prosecution and the suspect. The prosecution doesn't have to spend resources proving their case, and the suspect avoids trials and accepts a mitigated sentence.

To Save Time

DWI cases take a long time for most people. The government has to schedule the hearings, gather and process evidence, try your case, and sentence you if you are convicted. Don't forget that your case won't be the only one in the court during this time. Even the pre-trial process can last a year or even longer.

Many people look at all this time and just decide to plead guilty to shorten the time somewhat. You might be tempted to do the same, particularly if you are a busy person. That way, you can know your fate and get back to your usual life if you avoid incarceration.

To Save Money

Some people also plead guilty so that they can minimize the expenses of defending their DWI cases. The more your attorney has to do to defend you, the higher your defense costs will rise. Apart from the legal fees, a drawn-out case can also keep you away from your job, which leads to loss of income. If you can reach a reasonable agreement with the prosecution, you can save a lot of money by pleading guilty.

For Public Relations

Lastly, some people also plead guilty to DWI charges so that they can avoid the publicity that comes with criminal trials. This may be of significance to you if you are a public figure, have a good standing in the community, or just want to preserve your good image. You can't control what people such as witnesses or the prosecution, will say against you during the trial. Pleading guilty also gives you the opportunity to avoid much scrutiny into your life.

Don't forget to consult an attorney even if you have decided to plead guilty to the DWI charges against you. The attorney can help you confirm whether that is the right move and help you negotiate a good plea deal with the prosecution. Contact a DWI attorney in your area to find out more.

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