Proving That You Didn't Embezzle Money From Work

Proving That You Didn't Embezzle Money From Work

8 November 2017
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Getting into criminal trouble when you are innocent is one of the most stressful situations to deal with. You hold the burden of proving that you didn't commit the crime that someone is accusing you of. If your employer has accused you of embezzling a substantial amount of money, it can lead to a mandatory sentence of having to spend time behind bars. However, you might be able to prove that you are not guilty if an attorney is put in charge of proving your defense. Browse this article to find out why hiring a criminal defense attorney is the first thing that should be done in your situation.

1. You Can Explain Your Job Duties

Speaking to an attorney gives you the opportunity to explain what your job duties were. For instance, were you in charge of handling large amounts of money on a regular basis. Was there anyone else at your job with the same responsibility? The attorney will try to understand why your employer may have thought you were embezzling money, as well as if he or she made the claim out of spite. He or she will also try to determine if one of your coworkers is the actual culprit of the crime.

2. Accusations Against You Will Be Debunked

A criminal defense attorney will work hard debunk every accusation that is against you in the situation. He or she might first write down each accusation on paper, and then begin to debunk them one at a time. Debunking the accusations will involve gathering as much evidence as possible that proves you did not commit the crime. Due to the crime involving embezzling money, you are likely to be asked for your bank account information, such as documents showing withdrawals and deposits. An investigation of your employer and people that work in the company will also be conducted.

3. Your Job Position Might Get Reinstated

If you were terminated without any evidence that shows you were embezzling money, an attorney can possibly get your job back. Depending on what led to you being accused of the crime, the person that accused you might end up losing his or her job. For example, if the attorney discovers that your accuser was actually the one embezzling money and used you as a cover up, he or she might get terminated. Your attorney might speak to the owner of the company about your desire to return to work, as well as the judge that oversees the dispute in court.

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