What Chess Lessons Can Help You Run Your Law Firm?

What Chess Lessons Can Help You Run Your Law Firm?

2 November 2017
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Although one can commit the simple, static rules of the game of chess to memory in just an hour or two, truly mastering this game can take a lifetime. The life of an attorney isn't much different; while three years of law school may feel like an eternity, this formal learning process represents but a small sliver of the lifetime pursuit of legal knowledge. Read on to learn more about some ways in which the game of chess can improve the operation of your law firm.

Chess Lessons

Like a chess master, an attorney must always think several steps ahead. Failing to consider contingencies can have dire consequences, whether the capture of your queen or a heated will contest between once-close siblings. Go back to the old logic truism, "if X, then Y" to plan each move in a way that covers all your bases.

Chess also reminds players to respect each individual's different skills and abilities. Remember that what may be the right move for a knight won't work for a king, and vice versa; keep your client's goals at the forefront of your mind to ensure you achieve the most appropriate result. By that same token, while a will distributing a modest estate may seem like a small-potatoes job to you, to your client, it may be the most important legal document he'll ever have. 

When you run a law firm, utilizing a simple, streamlined business model can allow your attorneys' creativity to flourish—and with estate and probate cases grounded in equity, rather than black-letter law, outside-the-box thinking can be the best way to achieve a satisfactory result for your client and on the chess board.

What Can You Do To Streamline Your Law Firm's Operations?

One way to simplify the way your estate planning firm does business is to switch to an automated document solution. This software can generate state-specific trust and estate documents, providing you with a strong, industry-standard base upon which to flex your creative muscles.

Whether your clients want to leave a sizable inheritance to a four-legged friend or create a special needs trust to support a disabled loved one, an automated software solution can start you on the path toward a creative victory.

This type of software can also be quite useful when it comes to handling criminal law matters like DUIs. By using a document solution to generate the forms, affidavits, and other disclosures you need, you can free up large chunks of time to meet with clients or perform other tasks. Contact a local DUI attorney for more information and assistance. 

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